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The first legalised edible bird's nest swiftlet ranching share farming interest scheme in Malaysia was launched by SEPG.

Approved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia in 2010, the scheme adopts a professional and well-regulated approach to pool together entrepreneurial resources in developing the swiftlet ranching and edible bird’s nest industries on a large scale. This Scheme fulfills stringent requirements of feasible returns and safeguarding of investor interest, w1th both local and global Trustee companies appointed – PB Trustees Services Berhad and TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad. To date, the Scheme has been extremely well-managed with successful payouts of lucrative returns to all investors. As a testament to its good stature, the Scheme has also been awarded and documented in the Malaysia’s Book of Records 2012 and certified with IS09001.2008 International Cert GmbH-2011 .

With the ambitious goal of becoming the largest upstream player in the edible bird’s nest industry, Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies initiated Malaysia’s first edible bird’s nest swiftlet ranching share farming interest scheme licensed by the Malaysian government.

First company to introduce Swiftlet Eco Park concept

A revolutionary project, the Swiftlet Eco Park effectively revolutionises swiftlet cultivation from an individual business approach into a global opportunity. Spread across over 600 bird house projects in Malaysia for wider accessibility, the eco park employs professional ranching and harvesting methods to ensure that top grade bird’s nests can be produced consistently, safely and humanely.

Swiftlet Eco Park
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