The Products

First edible bird’s nest company in the world to conduct advanced R&D and venture into various product segments such as health supplements, skin care, functional food and lifestyle products, using edible bird’s nests.

Infused with an ingredient highly revered by millions throughout centuries, Royal Bird’s Nest is proud to present Value Added Downstream Products that contains Edible Bird’s Nest EBN®.

Nutritional Value & Medicinal Benefits of EBN® is scientifically proven to contain water-soluble protein, carbohydrate, trace elements of calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, iodine and 18 types of amino acids that promote growth and development of the body.

The special protein in edible bird’s nest contains bioactive molecules which aid the growth and development of tissues, boost the immune system and protect the body against diseases. Carbohydrate is a source of energy, and when combined with protein, enables its other properties to function more effectively; it can also promote the metabolism of fats.

Royal Bird’s Nest products are divided into Four Main Categories: Functional Food, Health Supplement, Lifestyle Products and Skin Care.

Edible Bird’s Nest:

Uncovering The Benefits

Though bird’s nest has been trusted for generations for its nourishing and remedial qualities, modern science has now proven its efficacy. Researchers have found bird’s nest to contain Epidermal Growth Factor, 18 types of amino acids, antioxidants and anti-aging factors which actively stimulates healthy cell and tissue regeneration for a radiant complexion and improves immunity of body systems.
In addition, bird’s nest is a treasure trove of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and 18 types of amino acids, making it one of the most nourishing natural foods with manifold benefits:

Enhances skin moisturisation and cell growth, promoting a radiant complexion

Anti-aging effects to improve smoothness and youthfulness of skin

Strengthens the lungs and respiratory system

Alleviates asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other respiratory-related illnesses

Improves appetite for newborn babies

Alleviates diarrhea problems caused by weak spleen and stomach in newborns

Regulates overall health especially when recovering from illnesses

Promotes cell repair and tissue growth for healthy healing of wounds

Improves health of fetus for expectant mothers

Effective pre and post-natal nourishment

Strengthens immunity for growing children

Facilitate growth and metabolism during growing years

Reinforces overall immune system to help prevent sicknesses

Replenishes healthy vital energy

Natural healthy supplement for general wellness

Promotes a healthy digestive system

Strengthens the gut and stomach


Provides enhanced levels of vitality for men

Rejuvenates energy, especially for those who are weak or working for long hours

Boosts up metabolism in the body

Relieves fatigue and stress

Imagine you have been working 10 hours for the day, of course you earn yourself a time to unwind and relax with a cup of warm or chill edible bird’s nest to rejuvenate your body. EBN ® contains all the essential nutrients that your body needs that is easily digests and absorbed by your body.

Functional food has become mainstream in the turn of the millennium, it is foods that are “naturally functional” and when combined with another food it is able to give us quantum mechanics that further enhance the function of the food, providing additional or enhanced benefits that goes over and above their basic nutritional value.

Due to hectic lifestyle, long hours cooped-up in the office and bad diet, majority of people find it difficult to have a well-balanced diet for each meal, and as age catches up, the ability of our body to fully absorb all nutrients from food decreases, and without regular exercise, one’s health will take the decline instead; thus, some help is needed to achieve optimum level.

In the past, Bird’s Nest is the declared legendary beauty elixir to the secret of youthful looking skin by Empress for generations. Now, Royal Bird’s Nest has unleashed the power of Future Perfect skin with EBN®.