RBN Global an innovative Network Marketing Company is a promotion and commercialized branch for Swiftlet Eco Park & Royal Bird’s Nest Group Of Companies founded in 2012 by Dato’ Seri Dr. Abdullah Fadzil Che Wan, Dato’ Loke Yeu Loong and Dato’ Tan Chee Hong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

RBN Global is the first Network Marketing Company that promotes Edible Bird’s Nest and its innovative value added downstream products.  Our products are divided into four categories: Nutritional Supplement, Lifestyle, Functional Food and Skin Care Products.  It uses a combination of high quality bird’s nest from our mother company Swiftlet Eco Park and complementary ingredients which further enhance the efficacy of the products.

Our star product is none other than the cutting edge product: hexacellz II, the first of its kind sprayable bird’s nest that combines the goodness of NINE incredible ingredients, all very unique standing alone as well as effective and complementary when combined together!

In addition, RBN Global has an exceptional reputation for integrity, quality and excellence in management and production.  We believe that growth means breakthrough innovation, therefore we are devoting our efforts in Going Bold and Going Global, focusing more into exploring on distribution channels on local and overseas market as well as embracing continuous growth and fostering transformation.