GLC Collaborations

Besides from collaborating with Tertiary Institutions for the research program in developing new value-added downstream products, we at Royal Bird’s Nest also works together with Government Linked Corporations and Ministries to improve the upstream output.

One of our latest research is to fully utilized Internet of Nano Things (IONT) together with Nano Malaysia Berhad in our upstream output. Project includes increasing of upstream yield by remote monitoring and controlling Swiftlet Eco Parks’ condition.

We also work closely with Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), by building our Eco Parks according to Government Regulations, making sure that all three aspects of Environment, human and animal are being well taken care of. We are also in total support of replacing Shark Fin’s with Bird’s Nest project. These compliances with DVS, ensure that the Bird’s Nest quality is on par and the traceability of bird’s nest can be established and makes exporting convenient.