Tertiary Institution Collaborations

Royal Bird’s Nest, the first edible bird’s nest company involves in Research & Development with higher learning institutes, from the promising research results provided by Universities, Royal Bird’s Nest ventured into developing bird’s nest downstream products as well as various downstream distribution channels.

Areas of research that Royal Bird’s Nest ventured into are the nutritional values found in Edible Bird’s Nest, how Sialic Acid found in the Bird’s Nest can actually benefit the human body by protecting it nervous system, as well as how Bird’s Nest can help prevent diabetes.

Bird’s nests are harvested from its parent company Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies. Just like its parent company, Royal Bird’s Nest has an exceptional reputation for integrity, quality and excellence in management and production. Royal Bird’s Nest is also the first company to unleash the potentials and enhances the values of edible bird’s nest since its inception.