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Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies (SPEG) is the world’s largest swiftlet eco park developer. It is also the only licensed and certified swiftlet eco park developer with over 600 swiftlet houses all over Malaysia, involved in the industry’s upstream, mid stream and downstream activities. In addition, SEPG is an edible bird’s nest supply chain company with over 40 different products including functional food, health supplements, skin care, lifestyle and edible bird’s nest. Backed by a vision of expertise and innovation, Swiftlet Eco Park of Group of Companies is poised to transform the swiftlet ranching and edible bird’s nest industry from a traditional venture into a global powerhouse.


Every Catastrophe is an Opportunity

The story of Swiftlet Eco Park began with the partnership of three, that is Dato’ Seri Dr Abdullah Fadzil bin Che Wan, Dato Loke Yeu Loong and Dato Tan Chee Hong, as they saw the immense potential of marketing edible bird’s nest to a global audience.

Back in the 1980s, the Widespread forest fires in Indonesia began to drive the swiftlets to Malaysia, creating opportunities for the industry to take root on these shores. Within the span of 35 years, the number of bird houses has risen astronomically to over 50,000!

Swiftlet ranching started off as a cottage industry carried out in illegal shop houses where issues of health, noise and safety were among the major concerns due to lack of inproper regulations and guidelines.

As part of its vision in becoming the industry custodian of edible bird’s nest, the modernising of the industry kicked off when SEPG constructed the inaugural Swiftlet Eco Park in Manjung, Perak – a first-of-Its-kind dedicated swiftlet ranching eco park. This effectively moved swiftlet ranching out of the cities into pristine rural locations that were safer and more suitable.

Through the trio partnership SEP Group has worked closely with the Malaysian Government as part of the committee for setting up the first industry guidelines or 1 Garis Panduan (1 GP) of Edible Bird’s Nest Swiftlet Farming Standards by the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based lndustry.

Today, the edible bird’s nest industry has been earmarked by the Malaysian Government as part of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit’s (PEMANDU) Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The market value of the entire industry is projected to hit RM5 billion by the year 2020, possibly forming one of the nation’s most lucrative exports and a key driver of economic growth.

Overcoming Adversity

The sharp decline in demand for bird’s nest due to the outbreak of Asian bird flu in 2005 and the ban imposed by the China government on imports over health concerns on nitrite found in products in 2011 have both greatly affected all players in the Industry.

“Continuous growth. Ground-breaking success.
Innovation is a non-stop process. As the market leader in this industry, we have to pioneer new initiatives and break new grounds constantly to overcome any crisis that comes along. The only way is forward.”
– Dato Loke Yeu Loong, Co-founder & Group MD of SEPG

Nonetheless, SEP Group sees only opportunity and has pressed ahead with reinventing bird’s nest beyond its traditional Chinese image by adding value and credibility using scientific research and global marketing Through these endeavours, bird’s nest is gradually pushing international frontiers as a prized commodity for health and beauty in years to come, it should come as no surprise to see bird’s nest being widely consumed in all continents of the world. What started as a luxury for a selected few will now become a precious gift for all to enjoy!

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